Tuesday, 23 November 2010

A cold front

I've been spending my days researching all the new baking trends on the block so I can try and convert them to gluten-free for safe consumption. Not that I'm bored of cupcakes mind, but I wanted to try doing something that isn't run of the mill cupcakes and cookies. I think I've found something, so stay tuned in the next week.
I've been umming and ahhing for the past few days over whether or not to do a bio post. I was emailed and asked if I could possibly do one soon, and when I thought about it I realised my blog plays out like a diary and I tend to forget that the majority of my readers don't actually know me so I write as if your all omniscient! I feel really cringy about doing a bio post, there's something about it that seems a bit indulgent in my eyes, which is somewhat weird since I love reading other peoples bios (nosey cow), maybe it's because I feel like I'm flattering myself that people want to hear the ins and outs of me and my life. Who knows. It's something I might think about in the new year.
I've got a lovely comfort food recipe for you today which is much needed with all this sub-zero weather we're having. The weather woman said on the news last night 'You'll be needing your hot water bottle and thermals' but since I've been in my thermals for at least a month now and I have a hot water bottle year round I really don't know where that leaves me. I might have to light a fire in my wastepaper bin in the middle of my room.
I tried to buy another jar of manuka honey the other day, and by god its pricey, it's only going in my peppermint tea. I don't understand why is so expensive, they must hand feed every bee with a pipette.  I've started actually physically making my Xmas pressies yesterday at long last, and the first one has turned out quite well, despite not giving it my full attention as I was watching Vampire Diaries.
I had some nice feedback from various people about the Girls Guide to Dining Out, which was lovely to hear, and also great to know that it was a help to people. I always try my best to be honest about life as a coeliac, because in reality it isn't all cupcakes, understanding restaurant owners and easy to find gluten-free grub. I've struggled along with the best of them, and I still get upset and frustrated sometimes so please don't think think I'm serenely floating through my gluten free life with perpetual ease. I get quite narked at some blogs/websites/people who act like going gluten-free was a doddle and that they have breezed through the experience. I know that some people do find it relatively easy, and I myself have found it easier than some people I know but harder than others, but I really wish people would stop gloating and making out to everyone like its an easy transition to make.
Phew, now that I've got that off my chest I feel a bit better, I've been holding it in for a while!
Anyway, before I go to type up this recipe post here's a few things I'm loving this week! P.s. I'm now on twitter (!) @katieboobaker so feel free to follow me, twitter has always and probably will forever be a total enigma for me and I'm still trying to get my head round me so if you tweet me (is that right?) please do be patient!

My ace new leopard faux fur coat from New Look, steal of the century for under £30!

Kate H told me about this oh-so cute cupcake molds from iwantoneofthose.com

Check out Emily's blog at Handmade by Emily for her super duper sweet owl cushions, which will soon be on sale at Folksy.
Totally kitch, but completely sweet mug from dotcomgifts

I'm planning on buying a new beside table, but the one I've picked is a plain pine number so I'm going to spruce it up with some fab door knobs. dotcomgifts.

Hot water bottle dotcomgifts


  1. Thanks for featuring my owl lovely lady! Enjoying your blog too. I'm intolerant to wheat and always looking for new recipes.

    Emily x

  2. AW, you are very welcome, your owls are gorgeous! No way :(, well I hope you like the recipes on here. I tend to ramble lots between the recipes so bear with me! xxx


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