Thursday, 18 November 2010

Pajama Party

This week has been rather slow. I've not been very well from the off so I really haven't felt like doing very much other than stay in my pajama's until lunchtime. I have enough pajama's that I could probably wear them instead of clothes, but even I wouldn't stoop that low.
It's given me time to catch up with all the blogs I follow and read them all properly and have a good old butchers at the snaps.
I mentioned Katie's blog at What Katie Found, and also Beth at Deer Little Fawn the other day, if you liked their blogs you should defiantly check out Sammy's blog The Cookie Button. Sammy makes beautiful and oh-so cute mittens and hats and all manner of lovely things that would be perfect for popping in a stocking this Christmas and are also something a bit different rather than the run of the mill Accessorize and Boot's gifts we tend to resort to for pressies.
I'm really starting to embrace the thought of a home made Christmas, although my talents don't lie in the stitching and sewing side of things, I'm giving it a go, plus using the baking side of my hobbies to bake homemade goodies. I checked in on my mincemeat in its cool dark place yesterday and it seemed alright, I can't wait to use it. Its funny, Christmas always seems to bring out the creative side of me, its a shame it was Christmas the entire time I was trying to do my Fine Art A level, that probably would have bumped my grade up a tad.
Anyway, back to the baking. I realised I've slipped in my pledge for this to be a girls guide to gluten free baking, but as I am said girl in the blog title I sometimes feel obliged to spread my wings some of the time and chat about other things otherwise it becomes a bit relentless. I'm sure Jamie Oliver doesn't come home after working at Fifteen all day and sit down with Jool's and the kids and start prattling on about all the vinegarette dressings he's made that day. I think in general I do an OK job of sticking to the theme!
Kath Kidson's mini Christmas magazine came with the post yesterday and I had a good flick through it with my coffee yesterday. The stuff is very sweet, while I wouldn't have my entire house decked out in Kath Kidson I'd love a few bits here and there. I love how twee all the patterns are, I'm such a sucker for everything kitsch.
Sadly everyone else seems to have cottoned onto Kath, so it's not as cult as it used to be. I saved a few pics of my favourite bits from the Kath Kidson site for you to a butchers at. I still reckon Katie, Beth and Sammy could give old Kath a run for her money!
The weather has been dire all week, I'm glad I haven't had to go out because I have that sort of hair that when it gets wet, it goes frizzy and curly and I get angry. This kind of weather always calls for something stodgy and warming, and while I love nothing more than a good stew I thought this recipe adapted from Phil Vickery's Seriously Good Gluten-Free Cooking would be a grand recipe for weather like this....see how I flowed from one subject to another there? Not tenouos at all!
If you already have the book, then you may have already tried the Jambalaya or at least seen it. It's a great recipe (despite sounding like a character from The Lion King) and its a nice little twist on a traditional stew, but no less tastier for it. My recipe doesn't differ vastly from Phil's original, but feel free to check out his recipe. I make this all the time at home, and its the sort of thing you can whip up for a small group of friends on a dark rainy evening.  My Dad and The Boyf love it and always clean their plates (not that they'd dare otherwise).

Mixing bowls from Kath Kidson

Flour Sifter Kath Kidson

Cherry dinner plate from Kath Kidson

Pin tin from Kath Kidson
'Stitch!' By Kath Kidson

Ps- Someone suggested to me today that I should make mini recipe books to give away on the blog featuring a few recipes that I havent posted before. Would that be something you guys would be interested in?

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