Sunday, 28 November 2010

Jam, balls and Snicker-doodles.

Today I made strawberry jam. If anyone knows an easy way to making jam I want to hear it, because it was a total ball ache from start to finish. I shan't be doing it again, and I'm actually going to stop talking about it now, because I'm still terribly vexed about the whole thing.
However, my first attempt at the infamous Snicker-doodles turned out rather well, I was very pleased, and they were really easy to make, which as you know for me is a pre-requisite for any recipe. Rather stupidly I thought Snicker-doodles were THE new baking craze on the block (Nigella's in her Islington home wringing her hands at my total ignorance). I'd been having a research online for new baking fads, and came across Snicker-doodles, so in my defence I was mislead by the site on which I found this information, but also rather stupidly I hadn't noticed that the sodding recipe was actually in my Nigella How To Be a Domestic Goddess book (did I mention it's signed?). Didn't I feel like a pillock.
Anyway, my stupidity aside, Snicker-doodles (I'm going to call 'em Doodles because I'm getting irritated calling them by by the full name) are very very yummy, and because they have cinnamon and nutmeg in they're  a very christmassy type biccie/sponge hybrid which would make a nice pressie in a pretty bag, or you could keep them in a box under your bed and keep them for yourself. I know a lot of American recipes use vanilla ice cream to sandwich them together, and other recipes I've seen have used a cream or frosting but since this was the first time I made them I haven't made a butter or frosting or cream to eat them, but I can see why they would be even yummier with such an accompaniment, and it's something I'll probably do next time I make them.
In other news I got some really pretty vintage style baubles from Sainsbury's of all places and they're so lovely, very shabby chic. I used to have a lovely big hand painted bauble that I used to hang in my room, and then I had an accident and it smashed..OK that's a lie, my MUM actually broke it, but in her defence I had hung it on the back of the door, and hence when my bedroom door was open it would push against the side of my wardrobe, so upon an over zealous door opening from mother my poor bauble got crushed in between.
Crushed balls aside, I'm getting on with making my pressies now, I successfully made an owl a la Emily (at the moment sans wings) and I must remember to send her a pic of my (dire) attempt, I'm not sure its going to make the grade to be given as a present yet, but we'll see, I might get desperate.
I've managed to wangle an interview with one of Dietary Specials lovely staff, so that's coming up soon, probably in the new year when I pull my finger out. Also, I have a FACQ guide, (Frequently Asked Coeliac Questions) that you can pass on to family, friends and all those people who ask (stupid) questions about the ins and outs of coeliacs.

Awkward as arse jam.

P.s. Sorry for the crap title name, It's a constant effort to be witty. Stayed tuned for the 'Doodle' recipe tomorrow, if I haven't commited Jam-O-Cide and thrown the whole lot out the window.


  1. The vintage baubles sound lovely; you must post pictures!


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