Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Operation Mincemeat

When I boldly told the world in January that this would be the year I made my own mince pies I hadn't really given much thought to the actual baking of them. While I'm a semi pro at pastry I have no idea how to make mincemeat and had blithely assumed that I could probably buy a jar of gluten free mincemeat, but by the time October rolled round and I gave mince pie making more serious thought and some in depth research of Sainsbury's stock, I realised that 'oh bugger' they don't actually stock gluten free mincemeat. So the quest was then on to find a recipe for gluten free. Luckily for me I'd only been flicking through How to be a Domestic Goddess for a few measly minutes before I came across a recipe for suet-free mincemeat which proved yet again, that my signed (did I mention its signed by Nigella herself?) copy of Domestic Goddess is worth the 6quid I paid for it and so much more, whats more every recipe I've used and adapted from it has been successful, although I've yet to try the mincemeat as its luxuriating in its juices (as old Nige herself would say).
I cant help feel a bit smug that I've already got ahead with my mincemeat and a fair amount of my Xmas shopping, although the next hurdle will be to do all my handmade pressies so I shan't get ahead of myself and flaunt my smugness to everyone who leaves their Xmas shopping til Christmas eve because knowing my luck, I'll be running around like a blue arsed fly on Christmas morning frantically trying to finish it all off. So I'll save my supreme smugness for a later date.
What is really rather grand about this recipe for gluten-free, suet-free mincemeat is that as well as being both of the above is suitable for veggies, vegans, and anyone with a nut allergy as I have omitted the almonds from the original recipe as the texture and taste makes my toes curl, but I'll pop the amounts at the bottom of the ingredients for almonds if you want to include them. Ive also got a Tips for Dummies guide to sterilising jars.

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