Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Lassie Come Home

Some of you may remember a while ago I was complaining because Sainsbury's (the Judas') had failed to stock my local store with they're regular mince pies and have instead got an iced version on the shelf, which while others may like, I detest, what was wrong with the good old fashion version? If it ain't broke...
As luck would have it the ace team at Dietary Specials send me a box of their sister brand Tru Free's mince pies. As is generally the case with me, I promptly dropped them as I took them out of the envelope so they were basically smashed to bits when I came to eat them, but still really quite yummy. I've done my first mini review of them after this post, so I hope you enjoy it, I was a bit scared doing it, not that I wouldn't not say if I didn't like them, but I'm glad they were nice so that I didn't have to say anything mean!
Anyway, I went to see my doctor today, who is a total gem of a GP. She's a bit like Lassie, if she can't help, she runs off to find someone else to pull me out of the well (sort out my ailments, you know what I mean). I think she enjoys my visits, she looks at me with a long suffering expression mixed with amusement. I had my flu jab as well, which always makes me feel a bit invincible which is just ridiculous since it's not going to stop me getting hit by a bus.
Also, I wanted to say quickly before I dash hello to my new followers..'Hello!' and also to those who've left some lovely comments and those who's sent me some sweet emails, it's all really appreciated, I read every comment and I always always reply, it's nice to know people enjoy what I write and have taken the time to tell me, it always puts a smile on my face and makes me happy for the rest of the day (easily pleased me!).

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